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Don’t Forget to Water as We Head into Winter!

beautiful fall annual display

Normally, we send out watering tips in the dry heat of summer. If you are like me, you might be thinking of putting away your garden hose for the season, but don’t touch that hose! Your gardening chores aren’t quite over yet, and watering in preparation for winter is just about your most important fall […]

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Evergreens: Shedding and Changing Colors

evergreen shredding

Did you have any idea that evergreens shed and change color? It’s a fact. Their name would lead you to believe that evergreens’ needles will always be green and never drop like our Maples and Elms and other deciduous trees. The truth is every fall at about this time of year most evergreen trees will […]

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Raising Monarchs in the Dining Room

Barbara is new to Greenwise and I met her at the Parsons’ Community Garden Walk this past August. As soon as Barbara said she raised Monarchs in her dining room, I knew I had to know more. Barbara’s husband was a landscaper’s son, so he certainly knew his way around a yard, but he wasn’t […]

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Across the Table with Lauren Grossman

Greenwise landscape

Across the Table with Lauren Grossman Lauren Grossman and her family have been Greenwise customers since moving into Evanston three summers ago. “We bought our home from a Greenwise client—everyone knew our home as ‘the Davids’ house.’ The front yard was landscaped so beautifully that we decided to continue with Greenwise for our lawn maintenance. […]

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Six Solid Reasons Why Planting in the Fall Is a Good Thing

fall garden

Late summer, early fall is an ideal season for planting, seeding and mulching since soil temperatures are still warm while air temperatures are cooling off, encouraging seeds to germinate and roots to grow. That’s a win-win for our gardens and lawns.  Cooler Temps Our colder nighttime temperatures signal to plants that winter’s on its way. […]

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The Shocking Facts about How Pesticides Affect Our Children

environment and children's health

How Do Pesticides Affect Our Children? Pound for pound, children have much higher exposures to pesticides than adults do, just through normal daily activity. And what’s especially frightening is how vulnerable children’s brains are to pesticides during fetal and early childhood development. Researchers are learning that children’s developmental processes are easily disrupted by small amounts […]

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Why Choose Organic Lawn Care?

Why Choose Organic Lawn Care? You have a lot of choices when it comes to lawn care, so why choose organic? Let’s start with nutrition. When you choose which foods to eat, you want a well-rounded diet with important nutrients to sustain your body and ensure your good health for a lifetime. When you fill […]

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