Caring for Annual Seasonal Displays

Written by Greenwise Team
Published on September 18, 2022

You’ve done it. You’re invested in landscaping so that your flower beds are a beautiful, annual array of colors. Congrats! Setting up displays doesn’t just look good, but helps pollinators and the environment in the long run. Now that you have your beautiful seasonal display, here are a few tips to keep it looking its best. As always, if you have questions or need help, please call us at (847) 866-1930.

The week after installation (each season)

  • Water within 24 hours
  • Keep an eye on it in case any material gets uprooted. Rough weather or critters can easily do some damage to displays that have not settled yet.
  • If it does get uprooted, simply fluff and/or press the plant back into place

Season Long (Each Season)

  • Ideally dead, dying, and ugly leaves and stems would be checked and removed weekly
  • We *highly* suggest signing up for our compost tea Seasonal Display application routine. This will keep your plants healthy, happy, and vigorous.
  • Enjoy!

Special Fall Instructions

  • If you have an irrigation system, please make sure that it is turned off some time in October. Otherwise, you risk freezing the soil and damaging your planter.

Special Winter Instructions

  • When your display starts to fade, or you get tired of it, please let us know and we will come and collect the material for you.

*Note that Spring and Fall are short seasons. While beautiful, these plants and their displays will only thrive as long as the weather allows.