Creating a Modern, Sustainable Landscape Design


Escaping to your peaceful, beautiful backyard is a haven for the best of times, and the mother of necessity for the worst. One of our NorthShore clients was fortunate enough to create their own backyard retreat and especially lucky to have completed their outdoor space just before COVID struck. Now, they have ample space for […]

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How Does Clover Benefit Your Lawn?


Why Clover Is a Good Thing In the world of organic lawn care, we generally view clover as a beneficial turf cover, but we fully understand that you might not want clover in your yard. Fortunately, we have the tools to successfully get rid of clover–safely and naturally. In case you like clover, here’s how […]

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Greenwise Guide to Summer Weeds

Weeding garden bed FSM9 6-16

Summer weeds, like most weeds, know a weakling when they see one. In the world of lawns and garden beds, weaklings are those bare spots or areas deprived of nutrition or simply a victim of poor irrigation. Weeds are extremely opportunistic and greedy, so they will take over those weak spots in a flash.  As […]

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Safely Keep Your Pets Free from Fleas & Ticks

How Do You Safely Protect Your Pets from Fleas and Ticks? You might be diligent about not having chemicals in your lawn, but do you think twice about the chemicals in your pet’s flea or tick treatment? If we think of it at all, many of us probably assume these applications are a necessary evil, […]

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How to Protect Your Trees & Shrubs All Winter

You’ve invested in your landscapes, and we want to help you care for your trees and shrubs throughout the year, including winter. We can help in a few ways, from as simple as giving watering tips to offering antidesiccant services and pruning. All three play an important role in keeping your plants healthy and your […]

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Protecting Our Homes from Flooding Disasters

Landscaping is rarely a priority when you have kids and dogs running around. That’s been true for Marty and Nancy, too. Until they just couldn’t take the flooding anymore, and for them, the flooding they experienced this past spring was the last straw. “My son is 5’11 and the water was up to his waist. […]

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