3rd Step: Sustain (Early Summer) Sustain, Our early summer 3rd Step may use different blends, depending on when it’s applied and how your lawn is responding to the summer conditions. The late blend is designed to inhibit summer crabgrass from germinating. This is the time of year when we start to see fungal issues, drought […]

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Greenwise Goes Electric!

electric mower

Greenwise Goes Electric! Greenwise Organic Lawn Care couldn’t be more excited and proud to announce that we are piloting our first electric maintenance route this spring! Lightening Our Footprint has always been our mantra and we are thrilled to lead the charge in our area by providing electrical maintenance services. Finally, the electric technology has […]

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Permeable Pavers Benefit Your Property and Our Environment

Thinking about installing a new patio, sidewalk or driveway? You’d be doing yourself and your community a big favor by considering permeable pavers. As you might expect from its name, permeable pavers make it easy for water to drain through or permeate its joints, eliminating standing water (awesome in itself) and help reduce the amount […]

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Don’t Forget to Water as We Head into Winter!

beautiful fall annual display

Normally, we send out watering tips in the dry heat of summer. If you are like me, you might be thinking of putting away your garden hose for the season, but don’t touch that hose! Your gardening chores aren’t quite over yet, and watering in preparation for winter is just about your most important fall […]

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