A Day in the Life of Snow at Greenwise


Greenwise puts a lot of thought into snow removal, so you don’t have to. Our team is constantly talking about snow, meeting about snow, and working together to figure out how to do it better after every single snow event, big or small. Snow Is All Hands on Deck Everyone on our team plays an […]

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How to Create Winter Interest in Your Garden


In the heat of summer, I start to lose my love of the garden. It’s too hot to do the work, and I’m mostly focused on keeping the perennials from dying as we suffer through drought-like conditions. Sometimes, the effort of watering takes up all the time I have for gardening. My love of the […]

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Making a Difference by Growing Environmental Stewards

  Giving back to the community is as important to us as providing sustainable, organic and safe lawns for our clients. That’s why we devote time to educating children about the importance of pollinators, which often involves creating a pollinator garden! What better way to learn about pollinators than seeing them in action! Last spring, […]

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Creating a Modern, Sustainable Landscape Design


Escaping to your peaceful, beautiful backyard is a haven for the best of times, and the mother of necessity for the worst. One of our NorthShore clients was fortunate enough to create their own backyard retreat and especially lucky to have completed their outdoor space just before COVID struck. Now, they have ample space for […]

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How Does Clover Benefit Your Lawn?


Why Clover Is a Good Thing In the world of organic lawn care, we generally view clover as a beneficial turf cover, but we fully understand that you might not want clover in your yard. Fortunately, we have the tools to successfully get rid of clover–safely and naturally. In case you like clover, here’s how […]

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Greenwise Guide to Summer Weeds

Weeding garden bed FSM9 6-16

Summer weeds, like most weeds, know a weakling when they see one. In the world of lawns and garden beds, weaklings are those bare spots or areas deprived of nutrition or simply a victim of poor irrigation. Weeds are extremely opportunistic and greedy, so they will take over those weak spots in a flash.  As […]

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Safely Keep Your Pets Free from Fleas & Ticks

How Do You Safely Protect Your Pets from Fleas and Ticks? You might be diligent about not having chemicals in your lawn, but do you think twice about the chemicals in your pet’s flea or tick treatment? If we think of it at all, many of us probably assume these applications are a necessary evil, […]

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