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Discovering The Magic of Mulch


What Is Mulch and Why Do I Need it in My Garden? I don’t know about you, but my garden goes from dowdy to dressed for Saturday night after I install mulch. An instant makeover. Basically, mulch looks amazing and naturally suppresses weeds while preventing soil and nutrient erosion. Typically, you add mulch to the soil […]

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Snow Mold: How Can Greenwise Help?

Snow Mold

Has Your Turf been Hit with Snow Mold? Our spring season has just begun, and Andy, one of our turf technicians, is seeing quite a few patches of snow mold. Snow mold is something we can see in the Chicagoland area after a long winter. The good news is that it’s fairly easy to resolve. If […]

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Kombucha: A Passion to Live Green

Regina and Doug at the Kombucha Brava tap room

We’ve got a lot of fascinating Greenwise clients, many of whom work hard in their effort to live a green lifestyle. Regina Sant’Anna and her husband, Doug Skites, are no exception. Three years ago, they made a radical life change. Doug went from working in the commodities market to working at the farmer’s market, and […]

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Greenwise Announces New Owner

Marc Wise and Austin Hall, Greenwise's new owner

Greenwise Announces New Owner Marc Wise, the founder of Greenwise Organic Lawn Care and Landscape Design, sold his company to Austin Hall. Hall’s vision is to grow Greenwise to be a leader in the landscape industry. Marc Wise founded Greenwise in 2007 with one truck and a mission to prove that organic lawn care works. […]

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Fall Clean Up…a Transformation

front yard

While I was working for Greenwise, it turns out Greenwise was working for me. After work on Friday, I drove up to our house, and even in the dark, I knew Greenwise had arrived for my fall clean up. For me, it’s always exciting when Greenwise shows up; probably because I never had professional landscapers […]

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Hydrangeas: To Prune or Not to Prune? And When Exactly?


We love hydrangeas in our area, so chances are pretty good that a hydrangea of one species or another is blooming in your garden. What makes hydrangeas so popular is their beauty—those big, beautiful white, blue, pink and dusty pink blooms–and easy maintenance. Sometimes, however, it’s confusing as to when (or even if) you should […]

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Why Our Green Approach to Snow Matters

Keep your snow safe for dogs

We Chicagoans have no illusions about winter. We know snow and ice are inevitable. It’s how we approach these wintry conditions that matters, and as you should expect, Greenwise has a proactive approach that is both environmentally and pet friendly. Snow clearing is a dirty business and most companies treat it as an emergency response […]

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How Do Pesticides Affect Our Pets?

Young Boy With Dog

You love your dog, but is your yard safe for your pooch? With so many conventional lawncare companies in the area, not all of our yards are safe. Think about it. Cats and dogs use their noses to poke around everywhere. Those noses are moist, mucous membranes, making it easy to absorb, inhale and ingest […]

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The leaves are falling. Leave them for mulch!

Pile of leaves

Did you know that 8 million tons of leaves go into landfills every year? Why is that a big deal? It’s a problem because without enough oxygen to decompose, all those leaves emit damaging greenhouse emissions. Plus, it’s missing a golden opportunity. Think of leaves as naturally occurring vitamins in your yard or free turf […]

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