Greenwise is proud to service Chicago’s North Shore, Northwest Suburbs, Western Suburbs, and the City of Chicago

Our Chicago Location

Our journey began with a passion for transforming lawns, and since then, we have expanded our services to cater to the diverse needs of the vibrant Chicago community. Beyond delivering top-notch natural lawn solutions, we take pride in actively contributing to the well-being of our local neighborhoods.


1900 W Hubbard
Chicago, IL 60622
(312) 224-8080

Our Services

Organic Lawn Care

Lawns and gardens thrive with our natural versions of treatments like fertilization or weed control.

Natural Mosquito & Insect Deterrent

Harness a safe and effective solution with our all-natural mosquito and insect deterrent.

Battery Powered Maintenance

We combine cutting-edge technology and eco-conscious practices for a quieter, emission-free, and efficient approach.

Full Service Maintenance

Experience the epitome of convenience with our full-service lawn maintenance, ensuring your lawn stays immaculate throughout the year.

Garden Maintenance

Greenwise handles every step of the garden process from planting to pruning and treating.

Landscape Design & Installation

Our expert landscape design team team meticulously plans and executes stunning property layouts.

Zero - Tolerance Snow Removal

Embrace hassle-free winters with our zero-tolerance prompt and thorough snow clearing

Where We Service

From North to South side, we service all the neighborhoods in the city of Chicago with organic, safe, and effective lawn care solutions. If you live in the North Shore or Western suburbs in Chicagoland, we’ll work with you from a closer location!
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Can’t say enough good things about Brian Baillie and the entire Greenwise family. They have made my house a head-turner for those walking and driving by. We partner on 4 seasonal displays a year and each installation brings me absolute joy. The flowers are just popping with color and style. I love coming home even more.

Katie Cleland

My lawn is now green, thick, and very healthy ever since Greenwise took over its care and feeding! I couldn’t be more pleased, and it’s all organic! Brian Baillie took charge of the new work and now everything looks trim and wonderful. The crew is very professional. Excellent company!

Arlene Bunis

Greenwise was communicative and informative in the process leading up to our hardscape and landscape work. They were on time, courteous, and provided quality in terms of the work and the materials/plants. As someone who is a lawn care novice, Greenwise made me feel comfortable and confident that the selections we made would not only look great but also survive our environments with as low maintenance as possible. They specifically exceeded our expectations on our hardscape. Our back patio got a tremendous facelift in a matter of hours. I would certainly recommend!

Kayce Martino