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About Greenwise

Greenwise is the leading organic lawn and landscaping company in the greater Chicago area. We restore yards and landscapes with services that prioritize the health of our families, our pets, and our natural environment. Do you want to get rid of toxic chemicals and pesticides? So do we. We believe in creating safe, sustainable lawns. That's why we only use organic and natural methods that have a positive impact downstream.

We lead by example. By offering sustainable landscaping, we create a demand for it. As we continue to grow, we are forging a greener path for others to follow in our footsteps. Do you believe in having lawns that are 100% safe for our children and pets? If so, please follow us. Call us at 847.866.1930 and see how we can help you lighten your footprint.

pesticide-free lawns and gardens

We believe in:

  • Beautiful, sustainable landscapes that are healthy for you, your people, and your pets
  • Pesticide-free lawns and gardens that connect you to the vibrancy of life
  • Quality yards, gardens, and landscapes that never come at the expense of your health, but contribute to it
  • Sustainable landscapes that support clean water, soil, and air

Community Projects

Greenwise Pesticide-Free Parks Program

We've been growing with the Evanston community since we opened our doors in 2007. It's our mission to educate and inspire people to make choices that are good for their own health, the health of the environment we share, and the health of future generations.

Take a look at some of our proudest work:

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are not a landscaping company. We are a customer service company committed to creating a brighter future through sustainable landscaping. Taking care of you is our highest priority, and we stand behind everything we do with our Commitment to Excellence: if you are not happy for any reasons, we are not happy. Period.

Partnering to Keep Your Pets Healthy and Safe

yards safe for pets

You love your pets and so do we. That’s why Greenwise and Follow Your Nose are partnering to keep your pets healthy and safe.

If you haven’t visited Follow Your Nose, it’s worth a stop. It is a local Evanston full service pet store that has been a part of our community for the past 16 years. Ramie, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about our pets. Her services range from organic pet food and products, grooming, vacation care, puppy training, to picking up animal waste. Like we said, full service.

As you know, we want all of our yards to be safe for our pets and families, and our organic lawn treatments are 100% safe. We even have a "green" way to control mosquitoes, fleas and ticks in your lawn and gardens. Not only does it kill these insects, it smells fantastic. And, it’s safe for our pollinators, pets and families.

Together, Greenwise and Follow Your Nose have got you covered when it comes to protecting your pets.


Our Team

Greenwise is a team of professionals working day in and day out to create a better community and a better world.

Marc Wise

Founder & Owner

Heather Lough

 Landscape Design Coordinator


Robyn McMurray Hurtig

 Director of Community Engagement


Brian Dreher

Landscape Designer


Sandro Nandiko

Landscape Designer


Abby White

Office Manager


Alissa Mutton

Production Coordinator


Eric "Kord" Staley

Production & Construction Coordinator


Dan Klindera

General Manager & Certified Arborist

Marilyn Maas

Design Studio Coordinator


Tim Clough

Landscape Designer


Bernie Carranza

Operations Manager

Jarlene Acevedo

Customer Service


Michelle Sartin

Customer Service



Greenwise is growing! We are currently looking for the following people to join our team:

Landscape Sales Representative and Account Manager

Residential Landscape Designer/Architect


Horticulture Foreman



The Greenwise design team is ready to work with you for any size project. We will take a thorough inventory of your property and listen to your needs before the design process begins.

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