A Miracle Happened Here: One Year Later!

A Miracle Happened Here…My Cruddy Lawn Gets the Greenwise Treatment

OK, so calling it a miracle is a bit of hyperbole, but not as far-fetched as it sounds. We’ve been living in our south Evanston home since 2001. I think that was the year my father edged our front lawn. I’m pretty sure, it’s never been done since. The lawn is my husband’s terrain (and by default, our teenage sons—is the picture becoming clearer?).

The garden is my fiefdom. As our boys have aged out of playing in our front yard—no more soccer passes, baseball or football catches, or knight dueling–I’ve extended the garden into the front lawn little by little (I’m pretty sure no one has noticed). We don’t water our lawn, we don’t weed our lawn, and we definitely don’t put down any chemicals. Our yard is as low maintenance as you can get, and I thought I liked it that way. Until this morning.

Awakened by Greenwise

I was awakened this morning by a Greenwise crew coming to my home. Normally, I do not get up before my alarm under ANY circumstances (sometimes medical emergencies, but only reluctantly), but lawn care at my door, and I sprung out of bed like it was my wedding day.

Christian rang my bell and walked me through what the crew would be doing. He showed me where the embarrassingly large amounts of grass had encroached on my sidewalk and needed to be edged. They mowed, watered, weeded my sidewalks, and got rid of fallen leaves (some by a good, old-fashioned rake—ah, the sounds of a rake. Remember that?)

They spent an hour at my house, which is a testament to the amount of edging that needed to be done. Benito, one of the three men on the crew, told me they had 21 houses to maintain today. Wow, and that’s just one crew.

I took some before and after photos and will keep you posted on the progress of my lawn as the fertilization steps take place. I’ve never felt so taken care of. There was debris under my front porch from 2008, and that’s all gone. Weeds in all the sidewalk cracks. Gone. They even edged my garden beds. If one hour of lawn care can bring me such happiness, I’m wondering why I didn’t try this years ago. All the better that it’s organic and 100% safe for Samba our dog and Sunny our cat, and our teenage boys (who sadly don’t play in the grass anymore), and me who’s been known to lay on the front lawn staring up into the canopy of our old Maple. Thank you, Benito, Christian, and Moises. Thank you, Greenwise!

I Promised an Update…Here’s How My Yard Looks Less than a Year Later

I have to be honest, I was shocked by what my lawn looked like in my original post, A Miracle Happened Here, before Greenwise released its magic in the form of organic fertilizer (one 5-step program), natural weed management and overseeding (spring and fall) and basic maintenance (weekly mowing).

As I said in my first post, I never cared too much about my lawn, took it for granted, really. It served as a playground for my kids and its bare patches and weedy areas were only slightly embarrassing—after all, we weren’t the worst yard on the block (maybe just top 3).

Now, I want to eat up my lawn. It’s so lush and green and delicious. Those bare spots? Gone. Weeds? What weeds? And the transformation known as edging never gets old. I only realized I was taking it for granted when I saw the original photos. Yuck!

I didn’t expect this kind of a transformation in less than a year, but it’s further proof that organics work and the Greenwise approach makes a difference. A huge difference, and for that I’m grateful.

Now, I love my restored lawn and am so proud that it’s a 100% safe lawn. Thank you again, Greenwise!

image of sidewalk without edging.

Yikes. This is what my sidewalk looked like last year before Greenwise?

Edging has been completed. Check out those clean lines!

Raking and blowing out the leaves in our back yard.

With the edging done, mowing can begin. A propane mower, by the way.

greenwise organic lawn

Just took this picture–green and lush with not a bare spot in sight. To me, it’s a small miracle.

greenwise lawn

The edges are crisp and the turf is healthy with a capital H.

lush greenwise organic lawn

These 3 photos are my yard, just shy of a year with Greenwise taking care of my lawn. What a difference organics make!




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  1. Michael Lee March 18, 2019 at 11:21 am #

    It is awesome that the lawn service showed what they were doing. This is nice because you know all the work they did. The pictures do show really how good of a job they did.

    • Robyn Hurtig September 25, 2019 at 4:18 pm #

      Thanks, Michael. I’m glad you liked the article and the pics! I appreciate your taking the time to write in, too. (I guess I need to check WordPress more often to see comments!)


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