Greenwise 2017 Service Descriptions

Greenwise’s 2017 Services with Descriptions


Greenwise Maintenance Services

Spring Clean Up

Revive your landscape by updating bed lines, clearing away winter debris, dead-heading perennials and cutting back ornamental grasses.  We mow your turf and spot seed high-visibility bare areas. 

Basic Maintenance

Greenwise uses EPA-certified, clean-burning propane mowers that run 8,000 times cleaner than a standard commercial mower. This service includes lawn mowing, lawn trimming, sidewalk and bed line edging, spot seeding and general debris pick up. (No horticultural work included.)     

Full-Service Maintenance Program

The easiest way for you to keep your property looking fantastic week after week.  “Full Service” means consistent maintenance, every week, with the same crew leader.  This comprehensive package includes lawn mowing, lawn trimming, sidewalk and bed line edging, spot seeding and general debris pick upweeding garden beds, thinning, dividing, dead-heading, or transplanting perennials, and maintaining groundcover.

Fall Clean Up 

Leaves, debris, and taller grass left over the winter will smother your grass and promote snow mold.  We’ll remove the debris and perform a final mow at a 2″ mow height. We will cut back certain perennials and edge bed lines so that your property looks its best headed into the winter.  Ornamental grasses and perennials that offer winter interest or provide a food source for overwintering birds remain.

Fall Clean Up – Return Visit

We’ll return to remove any additionally accumulated leaves and debris that may smother your turfgrass over the winter.

Garden Maintenance Program

Your garden maintenance program can be customized to fit your needs—whether you’d like a program of routine visits, or are more hands-on and just need assistance. We will keep your gardens in peak condition as we weed garden beds, thin, divide, dead-head, or transplant perennials, and maintain groundcover. 

Annual Pruning

Pruning is both a science and an art.  The science is the understanding of how a tree or shrub responds to pruning.  The art of pruning ensures beautiful results.  Unfortunately, most use improper techniques that stress shrubs or reduce flowering.  By properly pruning your shrubs, our expert horticulturists keep them looking gorgeous, while improving health and structure.

Arbor Health Care

Our ISA Certified Arborist will occasionally make tree care recommendations for services to be performed by one of our trusted tree care partners.  These services can range from pest control to supplemental tree and shrub fertilization that should be performed annually.


Greenwise Organic Fertilization & Turf Care Services 

5-Step Organic Fertilization Program:

  1. Organic Fertilization Step 1: Awaken (Early Spring)

Early spring organic corn gluten meal helps turf awaken from dormancy, while suppressing weed germination.

  1. Organic Fertilization Step 2: Thrive (Spring)

In spring your turf is hungry.  If you want your turf to thrive, our proprietary, custom-blended organic fertilizer is here to help.  It promotes vibrant color, lush density, and vigorous blade growth.

  1. Organic Fertilization Step 3: Sustain (Early Summer)

The stresses of summer are coming.  Sustain your turf’s health, vigor, and performance with our early summer, custom- blended organic fertilizer.

  1. Organic Fertilization Step 4: Rejuvenate (Late Summer)

Fall conditions are great for rejuvenating a turf stressed by summer.  This late summer application helps roots bounce back, restores color, and encourages turf density.

  1. Organic Fertilization Step 5: Bolster (Fall)

Lawns fade late in the season and need an extra boost.  Bolster your turf’s performance through the fall with this organic blend of slow release fertilizer.

5-Step Organic Fertilization Program Plus:

Depending on your tolerance for weed pressure, we can refine your 5-Step Organic Fertilization Program by spot treating weeds in high-visibility areas of your lawn during steps 2 through 5. This choice is a supplemental service designed to extend the reach of your all-natural Weed Management program, not replace it.

Organic Winterizer:  Prepare (Late Fall)

As your lawn goes dormant, prepare it for next spring.  A supplemental application of organic corn gluten meal provides nutrition for an early green-up and added weed suppression.

Aeration w/PRIME Organic Soil Builder- Early & Late Season

Applying our proprietary, organic PRIME soil builder with aeration greatly increases effectiveness of both services.  Aeration loosens clay soils and reduces compaction.  PRIME builds up organic matter & breaks up compacted soils. 

Overseeding- Early & Late Season

Annual overseeding is a critical, yet often overlooked, component of an organic lawn care program for a thicker turf with reduced weed pressure.  Greenwise uses high-quality, drought-tolerant seed blends to improve turf durability and our 100% organic seed starter fertilizer encourages maximum germination rates.

Weed Management

Finally, an all-natural, non-toxic broadleaf weed treatment for your lawn!  Our iron-rich liquid applications are designed to stress and disrupt broadleaf weeds while improving turf vigor and color.  Plus, you, your kids, and pets can safely use the yard as soon as it’s dry– in a matter of hours, instead of days of restriction necessary with a conventional synthetic herbicide.

PRIME Organic Soil Builder

Turf health begins with the soil. Healthy soil creates happy grass plants. Our organic soil builder, PRIME, is a proprietary blend of essential minerals and elements such as compost, humates, seaweed, chelated calcium, mycorrhizae, and sulfur in sulfate form.  PRIME can be applied any time of year to build up organic matter and help break up heavy clay soils.

Organic Grub Prevention

For such a little bug, grubs can be a huge problem. They eat your turf’s roots, killing it.  Other critters, such as raccoons and skunks, will dig up your lawn overnight hunting for them to eat.  A minimum of two applications of our organic grub prevention are needed to help control the grub population and reduce turf damage.  If breakthrough occurs, we’ll re-seed your turf for a quick recovery.

Natural Insect Deterrent

Take back the summer! Our organic, cedar-oil based insect deterrent effectively eliminates and deters blood-sucking insects, such as mosquitoes, without harming important pollinators such as bees and butterflies.  Safe for kids and pets.

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