Experts Reveal Their Top Hot 2017 Landscaping Trends

The end of the year always gets people reflecting on what the new year will bring. At Greenwise, we’re seeing a lot of landscape industry news about what hot 2017 landscaping trends we can expect in the coming year. While there are a variety of wide-ranging predictions, we found six trends most landscape industry experts agree upon.

2017 landscaping trends

During January, we’ll be counting down to #1 by taking an in-depth look at each of the six hot 2017 landscaping trends as determined by industry experts and consumer demand.

Before we do, we’re excited to point out a common thread in all six of the trends. As an organic landscape company, we welcome the continuing client demand for more environmental awareness in landscape design and concern for eco-friendly practices in the installation.

2017 landscaping trends

2017 Landscaping Trends: Sustainability

At Greenwise, we’re steadily seeing our customers opt for sustainable landscapes. They realize the overall benefits of reducing maintenance, the ease on the environment and the long-term economic value. And we’re not the only landscape company whose clients are trending “green”.

Demand for “low-maintenance” also indicates the desire for more ecologically sound properties.

~The National Association of Landscape Professionals

According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), sustainability is on most peoples’ minds these days. According to NALP sustainability has been trending with landscape clients during the past few years for several reasons:

  • lower maintenance.
  • better on the environment.
  • more economic.

2017 landscaping trends

2017 Landscaping Trends: Move the Indoors Outdoors

NALP research into current consumer demands and lifestyle trends show that another ongoing trend is to move indoor living outdoors. This movement began several years ago and shows no signs of letting up. The interest in “staycation” time that began with the Great Recession makes sense. Young families and older homeowners are especially driving this trend. For the cost of a visit to Disneyworld or a European river cruise, they’re finding they can make the most of their own property and enjoy it for years to come.

What the landscape professionals predict for 2017 fits in well with what customers have been saying for years: More beauty, less work. More utility, more value per square foot. Higher environmental ROI, less waste.


So, with all of that in mind, here is the #6 Top 2017 Landscaping Trend…

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3 Responses to Experts Reveal Their Top Hot 2017 Landscaping Trends

  1. Max January 20, 2017 at 7:25 am #

    I really appreciate these suggestions, Thank you for sharing.

  2. Adrienne February 23, 2017 at 4:19 pm #

    I have to agree with the sustainable landscapes concept. Many of my clients are now shifting toward more maintenance-free plantlife in their landscaping, both for ease of care, cost effectiveness and the desire to be environmentally friendly as possible.

  3. Megan March 20, 2017 at 1:17 pm #

    This was a great read expanding on the landscaping trends this year! We actually shared these trends in out January newsletter, but really love how you elaborated on some of them so well. 2017 is sure to bring some great inspiration and beautiful designs!

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