10 Years of Inspiring Partners in Gardening

Written by Greenwise Team
Published on May 1, 2019
garden in bloom

Fostering a True Love for Gardening

It’s great when we hear from our customers who love our mission of creating safe lawns with organics, and even greater when we’ve helped inspire them to discover a new passion for gardening and the outdoors. For some customers, putting their lawn in our hands gives them the peace of mind to focus on other matters. For others, like Leslie Weyhrich, our partnership has fostered a love for gardening. Leslie and Tom are one of our earliest Greenwise customers and have partnered with us for the past 10 years.

Creating a Healthy Lawn for Our Families and Pets

“I’m so grateful they have taught me how to take care of my yard. It’s been a decades-long partnership in creating a yard that’s healthy for my kids. And for me, they’ve involved me in the gardening process. Without Greenwise, I don’t think I’d be a gardener. They taught me how to trim back the bushes, how to really take care of my garden. And, they’ve helped connect my family to our yard and the outside.” Leslie says that while they were never looking for the perfect lawn, they did want a healthy, safe lawn. The Weyhrich family loves to be outdoors and Leslie enjoys that their yard is welcoming and has resisted the wear and tear of children and dogs. “When we moved to this area, we had three little kids, so having an organic lawn that was safe for them to play on was important. Now, our kids are older, but they still spend a lot of time in the yard, and we have a dog, so having a safe yard is still important to us,” Leslie said.

Establishing a Beautiful, Chemically-Free Lawn for 10 Years

“We don’t have any weeds in our grass. For 10 years, we’ve had a chemically-free lawn and it’s beautiful. Not once have we had anything on our lawn where we had to be told not to go on it for a certain amount of time. I don’t always know what’s in my carpet cleaner’s products, but I always know my lawn is safe,” says Leslie. The Weyhrich’s started with landscaping and have grown it to food farming. Even their daughter loves to get in the dirt. She’s an environmental science major at the University of Washington and will be interning at the Talking Farm this summer.

Evolving from Landscape to Food Farming

“I was never a gardener. For me, it was just another thing that needed to get done. Greenwise helped turn it into a hobby, a favorite pastime. Greenwise has connected me with the dirt and the importance of healthy soil, and now I proudly grow vegetables in a vegetable garden that I started with Marc’s help. And, I compost because of Marc.” We also understand how particular Leslie is about her yard and plants. “I view my plants as people, so Greenwise always calls me before they come to do any work, and they understand that I like to walk through the yard with them before they begin. “A few weeks ago, a crew showed up to do my spring clean-up. When I told them it was okay, they could get started, they dutifully waited. And, sure enough, within minutes Bernie (Director of Operations) and Marc (Client Relationship Manager) were there along with another person they were training. And all of them went through my property carefully and thoughtfully. That’s pretty awesome and it’s a testimony to their responsiveness. When I call, Marc calls me right back or simply shows up,” says Leslie.

Growing Together as Partners

HELLEBORUS OR LENTEN ROSES ARE A FAVORITE AND CAN BE FOUND BLOOMING THROUGHOUT THE GARDENS. “We grew together as a small company and a gardener. Even now, they are still a small enough company that they can connect with every customer and help their customers connect with the outdoors. Greenwise really listens to its clients, forms a vision, and executes the vision. It’s a real partnership,” says Leslie.