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Friday, September 03, 2010

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Thank you to you and your crew for a beautiful back yard!  We’re very pleased with the results and are looking forward to a great summer out there!Connie in Chicago
“I just want to let you know that your crew did an AMAZING job with our property.  We are very pleased with the results. THANK YOU!!!!”Robin in Highland Park
I wanted a “green” landscaping company and had an excellent and lengthy visit with one of the owners who outlined all the services that Greenwise provides. I decided to try them as our landscape serv…Deborah in Evanston
“The yard is looking great. Gina’s design is fantastic, both in front and the back. We can’t wait to see how it all blooms in the Spring.”Greg in Evanston
“We very much appreciate all you’ve done. Our front and back yards have never looked this good. I’m convinced that your landscaping design and service were key to our receiving two offers within…Susan in Wilmette
“The first word that comes to mind when we think about Greenwise is “WOW!”. To say that we were impressed with the hard work the crew put forth, does not give them justice. The pace of the crew wa…Ryan and Jayne in Chicago
“We have been working with Greenwise for a few years now and have been very happy. Personal customer service with care and attention to detail has been consistently shown & appreciated. Our lawn has n…Kathy in Evanston
“I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased our residents are with the weed treatment you provided to us this spring. Also, we are especially happy with the nice look of our la…Karen in Wilmette
“We have used Greenwise for only one year but I am very pleased with the results thus far and look forward to continuing on with Greenwise to improve our lawn and beautify our garden. What I am most…Susan in Wilmette
“Everyone has been Ooing and Ahhing over our lawn, which is so nice.  A number of people walking by have noticed the Greenwise sign and have stopped to talk to us about it, not having any idea that…Sarah in Winnetka
…on the day of the Blizzard (February, 2011), my little car navigated empty roads along with the snow plows. But I never would have made it out of my driveway had it not been for Greenwise crews! I…Dina Bair, WGN-TV Anchor
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Eco-Friendly Snow Removal Service

Eco-Friendly SnowRemoval Services

Eco-friendly snow removal service clears unsafe ice and snow but does no harm to our ecosystem, pets, hardscapes and waterways. Choose your main service type category below.

What is Eco-Friendly Snow Removal Service?

Eco-friendly snow removal service clears unsafe ice and snow but does no harm to our ecosystem, pets, hardscapes and waterways.  Greenwise provides safe alternatives to the traditional road salts used by most commercial snow plowing companies. We also employ specialized eco-friendly snow removal equipment such as rubber and poly tip blades on our snow plows to prevent damage to driveways, especially those composed of gravel, pavers or brick.  We also drive small, 4-cylinder trucks that save gas and cut down on air pollution.

Road salt, commonly used by most snow plow companies on roads and sidewalks, does melt ice, but it’s not eco-friendly:

  • Salt can leach heavy metals which can end up in our water supplies;
  • Salt can hurt our pets, causing chapped and cracked paws;
  • Salt residue prevents plants from absorbing moisture and nutrients. Salt kills our flowers and grass;
  • Salt is corrosive and can damage cars, leading to reduced sustainability of vehicles;
  • It will also damage bridges and any other concrete surfaces it comes in contact with;
  • Salt run off from sidewalks and streets can increase salinity in local bodies of water, causing long-term damage.

Chicago’s Department of Streets and Sanitation uses 390,000 tons of road salt each winter.  The city is responsible for distributing road salt along 9,500 lane miles of the city’s roads, roughly the equivalent of the distance between Chicago and Darwin, Australia!

Most commercial snow plowing companies use steel plows that damage roads and driveways and large vehicles with V-10 engines resulting in unnecessary air pollution.

You can choose to reduce the damage caused each winter by traditional snow plow companies by choosing Greenwise Eco-Friendly Snow Removal Service.

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